The Creative Applied Modification -branch of Cognitive-behavioral therapy, using force of independent vegetative reflexes, and cognitive modification for creation of purposeful shifts in behavior and metacognitions for patient. Applied Creative Updating is developed on faculty of psychological consultation PGLU, Pyatigorsk, by dr.Sergey Sokolovsky and is based on adaptation of doctrines the Nobel winner of Academician I.P.Pavlov, the most ancient psychosomatic religious techniques, influencing on a vegetative tone of an organism (Ischia, Njembucu-Sju, Individual silent Zikr, meditation Vipassana) to the decision of clinical problems in psychosomatic medicine. Thus the patient under direction of the psychologist
Studies the independent biological reflexes necessary for the self-help, adjusting parasympathetic a tone:
Short-term pressure upon blepharon of eyes
Inclinations a of a chin to area of heart
To make an effort with a delay of breath and a slow exhalation
Chermac - Goering
Influences on synocarotid reflexes
Delays of breath and transition on diaphragm breath
Paradoxical dream with fast movements of eyes
Fast vertical movements of eyes under the closed eyelids
First step: develops a control reflex of calm, for example, before sleep in bed, combining it with delays of breath, fast movements of eyes, after a breath, and recurrences of especial words (Mantras, Sacred Names or figures, etc.), on a long exhalation, merging the sensations with clinical problem (for example, development of indifference to smoking). Thus the technique of merge of two one, or imposition applied clinical image on an especial word (the Mantra, number Or the Sacred Name).
In the further the client studies to distinguish for itself inauspicious or dangerous situations, beforehand applying this.
Beforehand distinguishing negative situations and forming the preventive answer, the client passes stages:
1. Branches of feelings from objects, development of indifference
2. A call of internal hostility, for example to alcohol
3. Merge of two one, for example a desirable image with sacred Word (the Mantra, number).
4. Continuous recurrence of the Mantra with frequency of own intimate palpitation
Thus due to creation of a competing reflex, it is braked old, pathological, dysfunctional, and change of behavior is provided, for example, at bulimic frustration or anxiety. Metacognitive updating arises, from an imposed image and confidence of realization expected, owing to use of natural religious mechanisms cognitive conversion and re-structuring, as the reference to the Supreme Force at " Anonymous Alcoholics " or remind the God in Zikr.
The technique of "CAM" - "Creative Applied Modification " is reported by the author, S.R.Sokolovsky
On XXXY Annual Congress of the European Association Behavioral Cognitive therapy in Thessaloniki, Greece 2005
At the international conference " Stress and Behavior ", St.-Petersburg, Russia, 2007
On International the Congress of doctors of the general practice in Florence, Italy, WONCAEurope 2006
At the World conference of Behavioral- Cognitive therapy in Barcelona, Spain, 2007
At the International Conference on therapy of Adiposity, in l-Khobar, Saudi Arabia, 2008
By a technique training courses and seminars are run.

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